Kenjoro Enterprises Limited is an Industrial Mineral Mining Company - Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.
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Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.

The pursuit of our core business means that we incur risks due to our mining and transport operations. It is our responsibility to manage these risks to safeguard people and property.

Fostering a shared safety Culture
The common thread running through all the measures in our 2008 action plan is enhancing a safety culture embraced by all of our employees and partners.

Company wide Safety Policy
At kenjoro, the management sets the example and is present on the front line, and calls on everyone to take part in the safety processes. We encourage our employees and partners to behave responsibly and proactively, in particular by reporting any hazardous situation.

Improving work place safety
We apply a proactive, long term policy to improve the safety of our employees as well as those of our transporters, in particular by reducing the number of road accidents.

Reducing occupational accidents
Our safety reporting guide specifies the criteria for accident classification and ensures that these criteria comply with international standards.

Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.

Transporters safety
To ensure transporters safety, we apply a multi-stage process in units.

  • Strict selection of transporters based on specifications.
  • Joint analysis of risks.
  • Training the employees of transporters.
  • On site coordination and supervision.
  • Assessment and feedback.

Analysis of serious accidents
The most serious accidents and near misses are subject to an in depth analysis and   
examined by the management committee. This process encourages the use of  feedback and demonstrates the commitment of the most senior levels of management   to effectively handling and preventing accidents.

Driving safety
We ensure that our drivers and those of our Transporters undergo training in Defensive driving and attend refresher courses on the same again. We also prepare our drivers for journeys and incident and accident analysis procedure.

Personal Protective equipment
We provide our employees with all the necessary Personal protective equipment  required for their various operations.
Plant, Equipments and tipper trucks
So as to ensure a safe working environment, our mechanics, operators, drivers and turn men inspect the above mentioned assets everyday in the morning so as to  ensure that they are in good working condition.

Managing technological risks

To enhance safety at our mining site, we implement safety management systems at our sites presenting technological risks that are rated in accordance with externally-recognized protocols. We also systematically analyze risks using a set of standardized procedures to develop preventive and protection measures.

Managing technological risks
We manage this by reducing risks through implementing preventive and protective measures, and preparing employees for emergency situations to lessen the impact of potential accidents.

Managing risks through fundamental skills
The key safety drivers are preparing technical standards for facility design, ensuring compliance with and improving operating procedures, and managing employee skills.

Risk analysis and reduction measures
Our measures aim to reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable. Risks are analyzed initially before our operations commence in a new site, and when significant changes are made to existing facilities. These analyses are periodically reassessed.

Feedback is one of the most effective ways of improving safety. It consists of reporting and sharing information on accidents so that everyone can learn from them.

Enhancing the Safety of Product transportation
We deploy comprehensive programs to improve safety.

A comprehensive risk management policy
No matter what type of transport is used, risk management is based on a set of shared principles.

  • Stringent carrier selection.
  • Selection and inspection of equipment used, especially for fleet replacement.
  • Optimal loading.
  • Analysis of accident risks, for example when routes are chosen with carriers.
  • Accident reporting and analysis.
  • Attention to carrier accreditation and qualification.

Safety management across the entire transport chain
We ensure that our tipper trucks as well as those of our transporters are in good working condition, they are fitted with all the relevant safety devices in conformance with International standards.

With the above safety measures, Our company has had a sterling reputation for having no accidents recorded since our inception in 2001.

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