Kenjoro Enterprises Limited is an Industrial Mineral Mining Company - Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.
Corporate Social Responsibility
  Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.

Kenjoro is committed to sustainable and responsible mining.

Responsible Mining
At kenjoro, corporate responsibility is about how we run our business, and it lies at the heart of our strategy. It involves extensive dialogue with our various stakeholders, to ensure that we understand the social, ethical and environmental issues we face and we then determine how they should be addressed within our strategy.
Our corporate responsibility activities are focused under the overall theme of 'responsible mining'. This means acting fairly, with integrity and ethically in everything we do. As we expand our mining operation activities, we aim to take full account of the responsibility this brings.

Social and Community

  • Uphold and promote basic human rights wherever we operate.
  • Ensure the safety of our employee and neighbors.
  • Deploy a human resources policy whose cornerstones are fairness, diversity and employee dialogue.
  • Respect neighboring communities and contribute in their development. For example;
      • In 2003, we assisted in the building of additional classrooms for Lenjiani Primary School in Kajiado District.
      • While we were mining in Kajiado District, we constructed the murram roads from Lenjiani town to Olturuto town and from Lenjiani town to Emamparisuai, and we also helped in repairing and maintaining Konza-Isenya Road.
      • In 2004, we constructed two classrooms and staff quarters for Emamparisuai Primary School in Kajiado District.
      • In October 2007, we assisted in the construction of Konza Police Post.
      • In March 2007, we repaired the murram road from Konza town to Mombasa Highway. Infact, we are the ones who are currently maintaining this road. The people of Konza are very happy with this because before then the road was impassable.


  • Reduce the impact of our mining and transport operations on the air, water and soil.
  • Reduce the noise, visual and all disamenities caused by our operations.
  • Maintain biodiversity.
  • Rehabilitate the land by backfilling all the exhausted quarries and planting trees.  
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