Kenjoro Enterprises Limited is an Industrial Mineral Mining Company - Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.
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Kenjoro Enterprises Limited is an Industrial Mineral Mining Company Incorporated in Kenya. Currently we are engaged in large scale Gypsum mining at Konza in Machakos District of the Eastern Province of Kenya.

Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.

Since inception in 2001, we have experienced fast growth due to our commitment of consistently supplying Gypsum that surpasses the minimum purity level of 86% (Hydrated Calcium Sulphate) and above to our clients.

In conformity with our motto ‘Quality is our priority’ we have relentlessly pursued a strategy designed to maximize customer satisfaction. We ensure that we invest quality time in our mining operations so as to ensure continuous supply of quality gypsum. We believe in team spirit and professionalism.


Our vision is to excel as the best mining company in Kenya by ensuring continuous supply of gypsum and other Industrial minerals of which their quality meets the required standards.


Our Mission is to mine and refine Gypsum and other Industrial minerals cost efficiently and to the highest quality standards using a team of dedicated workers and modern technology so as to add value to our customers, Increase shareholder’s value, and improve the living standards of the local community where we operate.

Gypsum mining  in africa, especially in Kenya.


A team of dedicated trained workers who bring with them a wealth of experience in the Gypsum Mining Industry manages Kenjoro Enterprises Limited mining operations.
Our Success is due to the satisfaction of our customers Bamburi Cement Limited (Nairobi Grinding Plant) a subsidiary of lafarge cement, East African Portland Cement Company Limited among the others. We are committed to this challenge because we are well positioned to realize its vision.


Since inception in 2001 we have had quite a successful performance. For over six years we have reliably supplied Bamburi Cement limited with gypsum.
Infact the management of Bamburi Cement limited at the Nairobi Grinding Plant are very happy with how we supply them.

Our current performance record in Quality is as shown below: 

Quality Supplied

Month  Minimum Acceptable Quality Kenjoro's Quality Achived Bonus Earned
January 2007    86.00%   90.10%   3.10%        
February 2007    86.00%    86.00%  0.00%   
March 2007     86.00%       90.88%        3.88%
April 2007                      
86.00%               89.12%     2.12%
May  2007                        
- -             -       
June 2007    86.00% 90.12       3.12%
July 2007 86.00% 90.85 3.85%
August 2007 86.00% 89.67 2.67%
Sept 2007 86.00% 87.90 0.90%
October 2007 86.00% 90.27 3.27%
November  2007 86.00% 89.40 2.40%
December 2007 86.00% - -

From the above information it is evident that the quality of our supply is consistent across all supplies.

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